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Resources for Musicians

Find tips about using Notation Musician and Notation Composer for your musical interests, such as instruments you play or musical styles you enjoy.

If you have special musical interests and would like to share tips with other Notation Musician and Composer users, please share them in this section of the Community Forum.

We borrow users' tips in the forum to share in this Special Music Interests section of the web site. Also, if you have an idea for a new topic, please contact us.

MIDI Topics

What is MIDI?
Learn about what MIDI files are, and how they differ from audio, CD, and MP3 files.

How do I convert a MIDI file to sheet music notation?
You came to the right place. Notation Composer and Notation Musician offer the best transcription of MIDI files to sheet music notation of any music software out there. Really.

Audio Topics

Converting audio, CD and mp3 files to sheet music
Find out how to get sheet music for songs you have on CD, LP, cassette, or as mp3 or other music files.

An explanation of soundfonts. Also, visit the following section of the Notation Users Community Forum: Notation Users Community | Using Notation with Third Party Products | Sound Libraries and Software Synthesizers.

Instrument Topics and Karaoke

Converting Guitar MIDI Files to Sheet Music
Find out how Notation Musician can help you create great guitar sheet music from MIDI files.

Piano sheet music
Learn how to customize piano music to fit your playing skills and musical taste.

Flute sheet music
How to create your own flute music sheets from MIDI files.

Violin sheet music
How to print violin music sheets from MIDI files.

Trumpet sheet music
How to create your own trumpet music sheets from MIDI files.

How to make your own custom Karaoke files.

Composing and Writing Music

Customize Your MIDI Files: Music Minus Your Part
Use any MIDI file (and there are hundreds of thousands on the internet) and silence your instrument or vocal part, so that you can practice with accompaniment.

Learning Music

Learn to Read Music Notation with Notation Musician
Find out how Notation Musician can help you quickly and easily learn to read sheet music notation.

Developing Your Musical Improvisational Skills
Use Notation to give you the edge in working on your improvisational chops.

Technical Topics

Chord Charts
Use the special Part Wizard to create free chord charts quickly from MIDI files.

Sheet Music Scanning Applications (Music OCR)
Notation can take the MIDI output of a music scanning application (music OCR software) and turn it into beautiful sheet music that sounds great. Use this technique to quickly enter and transpose or rearrange music for which you have sheet music.

Getting Chord Names from MIDI files
Find out how you can use Notation Musician to get the chord names from your favorite MIDI file songs to use in automatic accompaniment software.

Printing Sheet Music from MIDI Files
This page gives an overview of how you can use Notation Musician or Notation Composer for printing sheet music from MIDI files for a variety of styles and instruments.

How to obtain a Cakewalk Instrument Definition File (.ins) for your MIDI device
Instructions for retrieving Cakewalk Instrument Definition Files (.ins) for using in Notation Musician or Notation Composer.

Create and edit sheet music with your keyboard, mouse, or MIDI instrument.
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Convert MIDI files into sheet music you can see, hear, and play along with.
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