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Join The Affiliate Program and Earn 25%

Do you have a music-related web site?  Send visitors our way and earn a generous commission.

If you have a web site with content relating to music and a substantial number of daily visitors, here is an excellent opportunity for you to earn extra revenue by referring your visitors to Notation Software's products. It's easy!

(If you are interested in selling Notation Software products in person, please see our Everyday Musician Reseller Program.)

All sales that result from referrals at your website earn a 25% commission!


Refer your visitor to the trial version of Notation Musician and Composer.

We have found that many customers want to try out Notation Software's products before buying it. You will be credited with a commission when the customer purchases Notation Composer or Musician, even up to six months after the referral from your web site.

Directly sell Notation Software's products at your web site.

If you have good things to say about Notation Composer or Musician at your web page, many customers will be ready to purchase immediately. You can provide a "Buy Now" option that will send the customer directly to our online order form. When the order is processed by our reselling partner BlueSnap, you will be immediately credited with the commission.

Your referrals and commissions are professionally managed by BlueSnap, a highly respected software reseller which is partner of Notation Software.

Notation Software closely cooperates with our reselling partner BlueSnap to resell our products, and to manage an affiliate program. If you decide to join the affiliate program, you will sign up through BlueSnap, which directly pays your commissions by check or direct deposit to your checking account.

BlueSnap notifies you for every sale of a Notation Software product for which you are due a commission. You can review your commissions at BlueSnap at any time. We have placed our trust in BlueSnap to resell our products, and have equal confidence in BlueSnap management of affiliates.

To track a referral that leads to a commissioned sale, BlueSnap places a "cookie" on the visitor's system. The cookie is placed when the visitor follows the link from your web page to Notation Software's web site, where the download trial version of Notation Musician or Composer is offered. When the customer later purchases either Notation Software's product, BlueSnap's online ordering system finds the cookie on the customer's system and credits you, the affiliate, with the commission.

Please note that you will receive commissions on original purchases attributed to your referrals, but not on subsequent upgrade sales that the customer may purchase from Notation Software.

You can choose how to promote Notation Musician and Composer at your web site.

We make it easy to promote Notation Musician and Composer at your web site. You can use any text and graphics from our website. You may also wish to create your own promotion. For example, you might write your own review of Notation Software especially for the types of visitors that come to your web site.

You can proudly promote Notation Software at your web site

Notation Musician and Composer are music software products that you can feel good about recommending to your web site visitors. Notation Software has a rapidly growing number of delighted customers. Every day we receive voluntary emails and surveys from customers who praise our products. Notation Software is unsurpassed in its capability to transcribe MIDI files to sheet music, and in the simplicity of its user interface.

Ready to Sign Up? Contact us at: sales@notation-software.com